Townhouse Models

On the waterfront

Living by the water means embracing every day the tranquility of the waves and the gentle melody of the river. It’s a breath of serenity that rocks your daily life. Life by the water offers an exceptional setting to recharge your batteries and create unforgettable memories.

O'Sun Sur la Rive - Waterfront Townhouses

Waterfront Townhouses

Starting at
619 000 $
+ taxes

Near the park

Easy access to nature promotes relaxation, conviviality, and an active outdoor life. Living near the park means living in harmony with nature and enjoying the benefits of a balanced urban life.

O'Sun Sur la Rive - Townhouses near the park

Townhouses near the park

Starting at
595 000 $
+ taxes

The O'Sun Project

O’Sun Sur la Rive, where your future home awaits you impatiently. A residential project that combines modern comfort, peaceful environment and proximity to all amenities.

O' Sun Sur la Rive - Kitchen Oven

Quality Construction

With all the inclusions to offer you a luxurious experience

O' Sun Sur la Rive - Kitchen Island